LETTER: Mr. President, I believe.

Writtten by: Marius Oosthuizen

In anticipation of the State of the Nation today Mr. President, I write to let you know that I believe. I believe in this country. I believe we can make it work. And I am not the only one.

You see Mr. President, this country has been through a lot. But we are still standing.

When I see students desperate for learning, it makes me believe.

When I see the community of Hoƫrskool Driehoek pull together to comfort one another, it makes me believe.

When I see a taxi hustling through the traffic, with people eager to get to work, it makes me believe.

When I see young graduates posting selfies in graduation gowns on social media and their friends celebrating their success, it makes me believe.

When I see builders laying bricks, roads and fibre optic cables, it makes me believe.

Detractors tell me that hope is not a strategy. But they are wrong.

Hope is the seed from which patient endurance grows. Without hope, despair becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nor do they understand that this little juggernaut country of ours, is to development what Baby Jake Matlala was to boxing. We are small, but we are tough as nails and we pack a vicious punch.

When I see what Investec, Discovery, ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank have achieved abroad and in Africa, I believe.

When I see Nando’s, Distell and Shoprite in places like London and Lagos, I believe.

When I see the face of Tata Mandela in the smiles that greet me along the way from Mahikeng to Botshabelo to Umtata and Touws River, I believe.

Now Mr. President, help me and those who believe, believe in you. Clean up the mess that others have made in your party, in your office and in our economy. If you do that Mr. President, I promise you, you will find many who believe and are willing to work to make this country work.


a Citizen

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