church leadersSACLI aims to connect Christian Leaders from all sectors of society. Our initial priorities include the church, business and education sectors. For each of these sectors we welcome involvement in:

1) Gathering research - SACLI is attempting to gather as much useful and strategic information as possible on each of these sectors. This information includes key leaders, institutions, major and ground breaking projects and useful contextual information.

2) Vision development - SACLI is working on long-term vision and plans for each of these sectors. In the business sector we have partnered with Gibbs Business School. Leaders interested in being part of the conversations and planning should contact us.

3) Freedom Mantle - South Africa's Moses generation are dying and the nation is looking for a new generation of leaders to ensure that the mantle of Freedom is picked up and the nation moves forward. The Freedom Mantle aims to inspire young people to commit to long-term leadership in the nation.

4) Building relationships - building unity and trust within and between sectors is crucial for the development and successful implementation of vision. You can help us identify key leaders or bring them together to build strategic relationships.

5) Christian voice in the public square - SACLI is building a team of Christian leaders, from all sectors, who are called to speak truth in the public space. If you are willing and able to make time available for training and media appearances please contact us.

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