South Africa Unrest: Counting the costs


July 2021 saw a spike in violent outbreaks of lootings and disruption of strategic supply lines for vital commodities.

337 people lost their lives. 161 Malls were destroyed, as were 11 warehouses, 8 factories, and 161 liquor outlets. 1400 ATMs were damaged and over 150 000 jobs were put at risk.

The estimated cost to GDP is 50 billion rands.

Evidence suggests a planned insurrection by those who demand the release of the former State President Jacob Zuma. He was recently arrested for contempt of court and refusing to give account for large-scale corruption under his presidency.

President Cyril Ramaphosa described these events as “an insurrection” and “economic sabotage”, and vowed that
those responsible will be brought to book.

TEASA, a SACLi partner recently held a State of Our nation webinar to explore the underlying issues.

Prayer Notes:

  1. Pray for those with dark motives to be exposed, tried, and held to account.
  2. Pray for the Judiciary to hold steady and not be intimidated.
  3. Pray for President Cyril Ramaphosa to act with courage and wisdom in very difficult times within a party where the balance of forces appears at a knife’s edge.
  4. Pray for a heightened citizen’s awareness and responsibility to resist lawlessness and defend jobs.
  5. For churches to find their voice and ministry as Peacemakers.

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