Pilgrimage of Grace Documentary Film

Pilgrimage of Grace Documentary


A true South African and African story of God’s extravagant grace.

From 23 to 25 September 2022 a miracle happened: The Moravian Church reconciled with the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa during a three-day Pilgrimage of Grace. This is the documentary of the journey that led to this historic moment.

May the Church keep on answering the call to The Unity Jesus prayed for in John 17.

May the followers of Christ be the ones that change the narrative in South Africa and Africa.

May we together journey from our broken past into His grace and healing. May those who still cause pain change their ways and leave their hatred and racism at the foot of the cross.

May there be more deep repentance and restoration. May we love one another in such a way that the world will know we are His diciples! To Him be the glory!

Herewith the Pilgrimage of Grace that preceded the 54 days of Prayer for the continent of Africa!

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